With winter coming on soon, it is time to stock up on potatoes.  If you are thinking it would be nice to have some different varieties going into the fall in your pantry, perhaps ones you have never tried before, text me at 780  three  zero five 6377 and either you can come pick them up or we can meet sometime around Spruce Grove for delivery.  They are being dug today and there are many beautiful ones out there.


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Avid environmentalist for over 30 years, gardener, lecturer, photographer, grower of all things beautiful, saver of seeds (our right), promoter of keeping the earth free and clean. Mother of 3 and wife of 1. Member of a very large women's community (over half the world).

3 thoughts on “potatoes

  1. Hi Denise, I’m wondering if you still have any more cow horns in the ground? I’d be happy to come dig if you do. Turns out, my neighbors guest believes they are the same spud they grow in Newfoundland under a different name and that they taste wonderful. We should be coming out on the weekend.

    Thanks Deb

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  2. Dropping corn seed and some coffee with you in a couple days. Will call and find out if you’re around or not. Deb

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