Annual and Perennial Flowers

Deb's garden 2016 (2)

Annual and Perennial Flower offering – $2.50 except where stated.

FL5.  Sweet William – 20-40 seeds.  Assorted colors of the perennial favorite of old country gardens.  Producing clustered heads in white with pink splashes, deep pink and variations in between.  You may order also dark pink with white centers, or white with dark pink centers separately.  Just specify in your order. Up to 18”.

FL51.  Sweet William – Full red.  Perennial favorite with a deep red color.

FL52. Sweet William Mix – an assortment of the colors that make this a favorite homestead flower, red, pink, white and variations therein.

FL6.  Petunias – 50 seeds or more

  1. d) Butter cream – yellowy white
  2. e) white
  3. f) Orchid daddy
  4. g) Pink and Purple mix
  5. h) Midnight Dreams
  6. i) Midnight Dreams Mix
  7. j) Purple Frost mix
  8. k) Carmen
  9. l) Pink and White Mix
  10. m) Pink Salmon
  11. n) New Butter cream mix

FL8. Bunny Tail Grass – 45 seeds per pkg.  This fun grass is covered with fluffy, soft bunny tail seed heads that turn from green to light tan.  Good for containers or the back of the flower bed.  They are drought tolerant and ornamental for flower arrangements.  8-12” high.

FL 33. Snapdragons – red/yellow stripe – 50 seeds.  As others, 12-18” tall.  Showy and different.

FL 34. Snapdragons – raging red – deep red/burgundy flowers on tall spikes.  2’ average height.

FL 35. Snapdragons – deep red mix.

FL36. Snapdragons – Yellow with red trim. And variations within spike.  Showy.

FL37.  Sorbet Mix snapdragons – mix of creamy pinks, with orange to yellow fringe. Nice for borders.

FL40.  Sunflowers – Edible seeded – 25 seeds.  Tall plants (over 3’)  with medium to large sized heads, grey striped seeds.  Flowers are yellow and showy, typical of edible seeded varieties.

FL42.  Sunflower – Beauty mix – 25 seeds.  A tall mixture of varying shades of sunflowers with blazes of burgundy throughout.  Stunning variety.

FL43.  Sunflower – dark red mix – 25 seeds.  5-6’ tall, dark green foliage with some striped with dark purple, flowers in shades of red, burgundy, deep brown and lighter variations with yellow.

FL44.  Sunflower – Amazing blend – 25 seeds.  5-6’tall, deep green foliage, producing heads 4-6” across.  Shades vary from bright yellow to yellow with red inside or on the outside of the petals, or striped along each petal.  Never know what you will get until they open.

FL 46.  Sunflower – Summertime Shine – 25 seeds.  Bright yellow to deep yellow blends with some variation with red and orange.

FL48. Sunflower – deep red.  25 seeds.  5-6 feet tall, dark green foliage, dark red flowers in almost burgundy tones.  Stunning.

FL49. Sunflower – yellow fields – 25 seeds.  5’ tall, medium green leaves, and medium sized sunny yellow heads with slight variations of orange and red hints.

FL50. Sunflowers – Rainbow blend – 25 seeds.  5-6”, stunning blend of red, pink, burgundy, orange and yellow variations all mixed up in one flower sometimes.  Very interesting and showy.

FL45.  Love lies bleeding – Amaranth – 48 days.  Beautiful drooping pink and red flower sprays that contain tiny light yellow, round edible seeds.  Cook like quinoa or regular amaranth for a tasty treat or just enjoy the beauty of the plants.  Leaves and stems of this plant also contain active red and purple pigments.  Grow about 2.5 feet tall.

FL56.   A. Shirley Mix – mixed single colors

B  Ladybird – red and black dotted centers

C  Double Pink

D  Pink Breadseed poppy – large double pink flowers.

FL 65. Hollyhock mix – Old fashioned single flowered blend of pink, white and fuschia flowers, growing up to 10’ tall.  Make a wonderful hedge.  Need some wind support.

FL66.  Pink Yarrow – like the wild variety, only with lovely pink flowers, cheery in the flowerbed.  These grow about 18” tall. In a mass of pink.  Perennial favorite.

Calendula – see herbs


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