Tomatoes- large

Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) 25 seeds per pkg. – $2.50. Dates are from transplants.

T3. Red Brandywine – 75 days. These seeds produce a lighter red fruit with tremendous flavor.  A good slicing and multi-purpose tomato.  Do well in all gardening areas.

T6. Silvery Fir Tree – 80 days. Very ornamental with small, fir tree type leaves similar to carrots.  Good for small areas and patios.  Produces medium orangey red tomatoes early in the season.  Good flavor and cold tolerance, as well as disease resistance.  Hails from Russia originally. Determinate type.

T7. Amish Paste – 83 days. – heirloom variety, good shape and size. Limited quantities.  See mixes for more offerings.

T8. Aunt Ruby’s German Green – 76 days – survived the hail and frost to produce seed.  The tomatoes ripen with just a tinge of red on the green fruits.  Good tangy flavor and large size.  Good slicer.

T9. Black from Tula – 66 days – Ukraine origins, tomatoes are 10-12 oz, med. sized, nice shape and flavor, black shoulders and streaking on the flesh.  Dark in overall color with green seed coats on interior.

T23. Manitoba – 50 days – Early and prolific, bred for the prairies.  Good standby variety producing med. sized fruits for a variety of purposes.

T25. Mortgage Lifter – 66 days.  Larger beefsteak tomato, good flavor and hardiness.  Fruits are red and as large as 1 lb. each.  Few seeds, disease resistant.

T26. Moskavich – 80 days – Of Siberian origin, these 4” bright red fruits are good producers and keepers, rounded or slightly flattened.

T32. Persimmon – 85 days –  Lovely deep orange, softer fruits up to 1 lb. in size.  Late season, resistant to cracking.  Delicious sweet fruity flavor.  Plants spread 3-5’.

T33. Principe Bourgese – 80 days – Plants are compact and bushy, bearing large crop of 1 oz. fruit, good for drying or sauces.

T34. Pumpkin Tomato – 82 days –  Large, med. orange fruits with uneven bottoms, but make good slicers because of nice flavor.  Fruits are at least 1 lb. each.

T35. Purple Calabash – 66 days – Called the ugliest tomato in the world, this plum colored, deeply ribbed fruit is flat and well, ugly.  But the flavor can’t be beat.  Good for fresh eating and just keeping around for entertainment.  Extremely drought tolerant.

T36. Purple Cherokee – 47 days –  From the Cherokee Natives.  Nice smoky black red fruit, flattened and larger with green shoulders sometimes but good for slicing.  Nice flavor, low acid.

T37. Purple Russian – 45 days – Plum shaped darker smoky red tomatoes.  Sometime splitting occurs but the flavor is excellent.  Early and productive.  Fruits are about 2-3 oz.

T38. Roma – 58 days – Needs little introduction.  Most popular and fruitful paste tomato.  Meaty 3 oz. fruits.

T40. Rose de Berne – 87 days –  Larger 4-5” blush red fruits with speckles of white.  Very smooth, flavorful and sweet.  Thin skinned, heavy producer.

T41. Salt Spring Sunrise – 45 days – developed on Salt Spring Island by the James Seed Company.  Thrives in coastal or hot dry summers.  Fruit is red, slightly flattened, about 2-3” across.  Produces lots on med. sized bushes.

T42. San Marzano Paste – 75 days – One of the most productive paste tomatoes I have grown.  Fruits are long oblongs with pointy ends, red and meaty, but if you like a drier eating fruit they are good for that also.  Keep a long time.

T44. Sicilian Saucer – 76 days – bred for large fruit production, the smallest about 1 lb. slightly flattened, beefsteak type.

T47. Superfantastic – 90 days – High yielding all summer.  Solid, meaty 7 oz. fruits, red with a smooth skin.  Needs heat and longer season to mature on prairies.

T48. Taxi – 66 days – Bright yellow and almost translucent.  The fruit is 3” or more, round, evenly colored and good tomato flavor.  Blemish free and easy to grow.

T49. Ukrainian Pear – 94 days – Nice sweet flavored, pear shaped fruits of a deep pink red with green shoulders sometimes.  Sweet and flavorful, good for slicing or canning.

T50. Vision of the World – 94 days – Large beefsteak tomato about 8-10 oz.  Red and round but slightly squashed.  Good slicer.

T51. Weisnicht’s Ukrainian – 88 days – One of our favorites.  Originally brought by Ukrainian immigrants.  Outstanding flavor, large flattened fruits are pinky red and over 8 oz. in size.  A winner for us.

T52. Yellow  Stuffer – 77 days –  Slightly transluscent yellow in color, these fruits are great for stuffing, as the name implies as it is hollow on the inside, the seeds few and close to the center core in an interesting gelly-brain formation.  Fun and tasty.

T53. Yellow Tangerine – 92 days – Science has isolated new varieties of lycopene and carotenes in different colored tomatoes, hence perhaps the unique taste of these varieties.  This one is a winner for taste and grows medium sized, rounded tomatoes with a slight citrus taste.

T60.  Gardener’s pride – 70-80 days. A variety that produces orange red fruits, of good slicing size.

T63.  All orange blend – A mix of the best tasting tomatoes in the class.  30 seeds – $4.00

T64.  Big Red Mix – 70-88 days.  All the largest, choicest tomato varieties in a mix.  All red. 30 seeds –

T66H.  Heritage mix – 70-86 days.  A mixture of some of the most delicious Heritage varieties – that taste as a tomato should.  All shapes, sizes, colors, medium to large varieties. 30 seeds

T67.  Heirloom big and small – 60-70 days.  A medley of Heirloom varieties, chosen for earliness, hardiness, taste and color.  All sizes. 30 seeds –

T68.  Sunshine blend – 60-70 days.  A mix of our favorite yellow and orange varieties, with some different colored reds mixed in for a sunset windfall of tomatoes all season long. 30 seeds – $4.00

T69.  Saucy mix – 60-75 days.  Mix of the best paste and sauce tomatoes. 30 seeds – $4.00

T70.  New Grower blend – 55-70 days.  If you are new to tomato farming, these are the best varieties, the most forgiving of mistakes with high yields.  All packets come with Sure to Succeed Instructions and suggestions. 30 seeds – $4.00

T71.  Jitomate Bulito – 90 days.  Very late for this region. This is an old Zapotec natives variety from S. American states.  Tomatoes are elongated paste types with a pointy end.  Good variety.

T72. Black Brandywine – 72 days.  I am not sure if I would call this a Brandywine or not.  But that is what the package said.  I would say it is a salad tomato.  It is about 2-3 oz. with soft flesh, definitely on the black side, but must be eaten right away as it is not a good keeper.  Fair production, it is good for having for eating right off the vine.

T81. Debarao – 78-85 days.  A very late paste tomato.  Large oblong paste tomatoes, rounded blossom end and full meaty texture.  Not that many on a plant but the size is very good.

T82. Fierette – 75 days.  Originally obtained from the Devonian Botanical Gardens seeds, these tomatoes are large, elongated with a point on the growing end.  Massive clusters, large plants, later but worth the extra time starting indoors.  Good for canning, sauce and paste, or salsa.  A winner for sure.  In the Devonian trials they said the staff thought they were the best tasting of the kinds they grew that year.

T83. Moon Glow – 78 days.  Later type orange medium to large sized slicers or fresh eating tomato.  I love orange tomatoes for flavor.  What can I say?  They make the most beautiful addition to salads and stews.

T84. Pink Brandywine – 70-75 days.  Larger sized tomatoes, about 5-6 oz., smooth and shaped like typical Brandywines, possibly a bit smoother and not reaching a deep color like typical red tomatoes.  They were very tasty and productive.

T85. Portugal Paste- 67-70 days.  Obtained from seed from Portugal from a fellow who travelled there.  These tomatoes are large paste types that are very smooth and beautiful.  Used for salsa or sauce as well.

T87.  Striped Cavern – 65 days.  There were fun to grow as well.  They are a stuffing tomato, not quite as large as the yellow stuffer, but a bit more productive.  They have 2 hollow cavities, where the seeds cluster around in a brain-like mass which are easily removed.  The flesh ripens from light yellow to a deeper orange with darker stripes.  Beautiful tomato and good taste.

T88. Striped German – 78 days.  These tomatoes are a bit smaller and the stripes are not as noticeable as I thought they would be.  They are good slicers for salads or fresh eating, but are a bit later for longer season growers.  Large sprawling plants.

T89. Vintage Wine – 80 days.  One of my new favorites.  These are the most interesting colored tomatoes you will ever see.  They have a Brandywine type shape, can reach up to a pound each in some cases, with deep green striping on wine colored tomatoes.  Very good flavor but you have to catch them early as they are not that great a keeper on wet years.

T90.  Tasmanian Chocolate – 80 days.  Good sized fruits, flattish and dark brown with good smoky flavor.

T91.  Mountain Princess – 70 days.  Clusters of 6-8 fruits, 2-3” and firm keeper for fresh eating or salads.  Blemish free and tasty.

T92.  Berkeley Tie-Dye – 76 days.  Large fruits with medium lobes.  Multicolor variations of red, green, orange streaking.  Great flavor.

T95.  Azoychka – 75 days.  Large yellow fruits, with soft melt in your mouth flesh of a mild flavor.  For those who like a sweet acid-free fruit.  Beefsteak type.

T96.  Mennonite Orange – 78 days.  If you like orange tomatoes you are going to be blown away by this one.  Flavorful and huge, these are a favorite.

T97.  Bear Claw – 80 days.  Later in the season, but produces medium sized, multi-lobed fruits of a light to medium red color. Good flavor and fun to grow.

T98.  Pineapple – 80 days.  A lot of fun to grow.  The color is worth the wait.  Flavor is sweet and fruity, and it has orange, yellow and red stripes.

T99.  Garden Peach – 76 days.  This smaller salad tomato is fuzzy and peach colored, hence the name.  Flavor is mild and fruity. Fun to grow.

T100.  Bali – 75 days.  This tomato is almost a cherry type, except it is deeply lobed, many on the sprawling plant and the flavor is to die for.  It is just amazing.  Like a mini-Bear Claw.

T101.  Anick’s Grandpere Rouge – 70 days.  A semi-bush compact producer of perfectly round, medium sized canning or keeping tomatoes.  Great shape and texture is meaty.  This seed comes from seed savers in the Peace Region of Alberta.

T102.  Sub Arctic – 70 days.  Good variety for cold regions.  Bred to set fruit in cool temperatures.  Mature fruits are 2-4 oz. red, round and firm.  Limited seed.

T103.  Lemon Boy type – 70 days.  Yellow slicing tomatoes that are mild and sweet.

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