Tomatoes – Cherry and Small

Cherry Tomato types  25 seeds per pkg. – $2.50.  All dates are from Transplants.

Black Cherry

TC3. Black Plum – 65 days – Early and dark skinned, plum shaped tomatoes with slightly smokey flavor.  Cute in the salad bowl or tasty for fresh eating.

TC7. Anna Aasa – 45-50 days – Cherry tomatoes that are delicious and prolific, small plants, but amazing for our drought year.  One of our favorites.

TC8.  Isis Candy – 60 days – Loved this tomato as well.  Excellent flavor, delicate pinkish red, good producer.

TC9. Fargo Yellow Pear – 45 days – Nice flavor and bright orange color.  Pear shaped but wonderful additions to the salad.

TC12. Black Cherry – 50 days – One of my favorites, this cherry is dark, smoky and almost blue in coloring, nice smoky flavor, rich and wonderful.  Produces an abundance in good years.

TC21.  Small tomato medley – 50-60 days.  A mixture of all kinds of small tomatoes, good to eat off the bush.  30 seeds for $4.00.  All sizes, shapes, colors and tastes, guaranteed to please.

TC23.  Sweetie – 60 days.  Good sized clusters on tall sprawling plants.  These tomatoes are very good producers with a taste that says it all.

TC24.  Xina – 70 days.  Smaller plum shaped tomatoes.  Obtained from a fellow that travels overseas to North Eastern Russian states.  Good for fresh eating.

TC25.  OSU Blue – 78-90 days.  Larger than a typical cherry variety, more a small tomato. One I had to try, given my penchant for different colored tomatoes!  There were very blue all the way through the season, making it an interesting addition to the tomato patch, and when they ripen they retain the tinged shoulders that almost look black then.  As an eating tomato they have a sharp taste.  Try them!

TC26.  Nova – 70 days.  Makes large clusters of grape tomatoes, quite a bit bigger than store varieties and used the same way or as a paste tomato.

TC27.  Marmande – 60 days.  A 2-3 oz. meaty salad tomato that is very early.  Had good flavor in our trials.

TC28.  Belle Star – 67 days.  A good tomato for fresh eating, cutting into salad or using in sauces.  It is a bit firmer, about 3 oz. each and clusters on compact plants are large.  Good producer.

TC29.  Quebec 2473 – 65 days or so.  Massive clusters of pointy, slightly larger than grape sized tomatoes with good flavor.  Very productive last year.  Plants are semi-compact.

TC30.  Early Latah – 45 days. This tomato rivals Stupice for earliness and production.  Good flavor, slightly elongated like a grape tomato.

TC31.  Tiny Tim type – 45 days.  This is the classic bush type cherry, loaded with mouthwatering cherry tomatoes of good texture and flavor.

TC32. Purple Bumble Bee – 57 days.  This is a tiger striped green on red/purple tomatoes that are larger than your average cherry with a zesty kick.  I love them, firm texture.

photo of tomatoes on woven basket
Photo by DapurMelodi on

baxters bush

TC33. Cheery Cherry – 55 days.  Great bunches of tasty round red cherry tomatoes, great flavor snap.

2 thoughts on “Tomatoes – Cherry and Small

    1. Yes I do. For the keeper. I also have other types that are good keepers, but I find the Keeper and LongKeeper are also long season and do not ripen here very early or as productive as some other types.

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