Garlic, Onions, bulbs and tubers


Com1.  Russian #14 non bocking Comfrey roots – $10 each shipped in spring.  Shipping is $13.00

Rhu1.  Limited availability of Rhubarb roots – $15 each, shipping $15.  These produce massive sized deep red stems and bright green leaves.  Leave for the first year, water in well.  Harvest 2nd year onward.  Provide good water throughout growing season.

Asp. 4 – 2nd year roots of Asparagus are sometimes available, Martha Washington variety.  Check on availability.

Seed Garlic – $3.75 per bulb (not clove).  Plant in spring by April 1 or in October before ground freezes and mulch well.  Many kinds available, email me to check for availability before you order in case I am out of stock. Limited availability in 2019 but I should be able to spare you one of these each.

GL12. Luchka (softneck) – Softneck garlic, early in Alberta, makes large heads of pink tinged roundish cloves. Medium garlic flavor.

GL 1. Chinese Hot Purple – Hardneck garlic, with medium to small sized heads with small to medium cloves with strong garlic flavor.

GL13. Purple peel – Hardneck garlic.  Medium sized heads and cloves, white outter skin and purple inner peels.  Strong garlic flavor.

GL14. Pink Peel – Hardneck garlic.  Small to medium sized heads, small to medium sized cloves with pink inner skins and white outer skins.  Medium hot flavor.

GL16. Ukrainian Mavniv – Hardneck garlic.  Large cloves, on large heads, white skins.  Medium hot flavor.

GL17. Polish Jenn – Hardneck garlic.  Large white skinned cloves (5 or so) in large heads.  Medium hot flavor.

GL18. Porcelain – Hardneck garlic.  Medium to large heads, with medium sized cloves, with white skins to purple coloring. Strong garlic flavor.

GL3. Persian Star – Hardneck.  Medium to large heads,  white skinned.  Medium hot flavor.

GL26. Red Russian – hardneck.  A large headed garlic with huge cloves, and red skins.  Medium hot flavor.

GL29. Music –  Hardneck.  One of the most grown garlics in the world.  Large white heads with large cloves, moderate heat.


$3.50 per packet

LK7.  Autumn Giant – 80 days.  Leave in the garden until the first hard frost.  These leeks can get very big.

Onion (Allium cepa)  50 seeds – $3.50

ON10.  Chives –  50 days from seed.  Perennial after that. The common garden green onions, used fresh or dried.  Purple flowers produce next years seed stock.

ON12.  Welsh Perennial Bunching Onions – 55 days.  Once started these onions continue in the garden plot, producing like bunching onions and forever seeding for the next years growth.  Good sized onions, tall, thin, small white base.  Limited quantities.

ON13.  Evergreen Bunching Onions – 50 days.  Producing continuous bunching onions that grow in rows or clumps.  Overwinter readily on the prairies so you have them always.

ON14. Prince – 110 days from seed.  Start in Early February in flats and plant out in the garden anytime the ground is completely thawed and they have been hardened off (Mid May in Alberta).  This is a yellow storage onion, medium size, full mild flavor.

ON 15.  Jaune Paille de Vertus – Also known as Brown Spanish.  Introduced in 1885, this onion is hard to find, but easy to grow.  110 days from seed.  Start indoors as for Prince onions.  Good keeper, yellow skin, white flesh, long day type. Known for its keeping qualities, squat round shape.

ON16.  Yellow Globe – 120 days.  Long day type.  Start indoors as above.  Very large onions, with milder flavor and good keeping traits.  Yellow skin, white flesh.

ON17.  Yellow of Parma – 110 days.  Medium sized, yellow skinned, white flesh keeping onion, hard to find Italian type.  Round roots.  Good flavor.

JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES – 5-6 tubers/bag for $7.00. Shipping is $15.95 for up to 3 bags (can be in combination with other bulbs/sets). Spring shipping (April) only.

JA1.  Beaver Valley Purple – long good sized smooth tubers with a purple skin and thick white flesh, excellent producer, great flavor.  Makes lots of tubers per year.

JA2.  Carmen Heirloom – Small white, fairly smooth tubers, that cluster close to the stem, does not spread as readily, not as many produced, so separate every year to a new spot for best production.

JA3.  Stampede – Good mass production variety, not knobby for the first couple of years planting, so make sure you spread them to a new spot every couple of years.  Good producer of large white crisp roots.

JA4.  Clearwater – The largest of the white round type of smooth tubers.  From Main naturally, and grower selection for larger tubers by Will Bonsall’s Scatterseed collection. Produces lots.

JA5. Passamaquoddy Potatoes – I find this one most productive, with large, squat purple skinned roots with great flavor and crispness.  Can be lumpy but I don’t peel them anyway, so they are fresh roasted or boiled and eaten whole.  Easy to clean.

JA6.  Skorospelka – From a soviet breeding program for compact yields and smooth tubers, these slightly pinky yellow tubers are good producers, coming up all at once with the stalk.  Good sized and wonderful roasted.  Early flowering.




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