Barley (Hordeum vulgare) -Price: $2.50 per 28 gm packet, larger quantities available in some cases, email to find out.

Barley is earlier to mature than wheat varieties ( typically 2-4 weeks) and is therefore more desirable for some areas.  Still a gluten grain, though with less than wheat, it can be substituted for flour from wheat in some recipes.  It is also good whole in many ways.

G51. Hulless Barley – originally obtained from Salt Spring Seeds, we have grown this barley up to quanitities now sustainable and available to the public.  Threshes out of the husk with a little work.

G52. Sheba Barley – good production variety also used for ornamental purposes because of it’s beautiful long golden awns.  Hulless also.

G53. Sangatsuga Barley – golden brown seeds, hulless, good producing variety.  Shorter variety, we have found.

G55. Malting Barley – 90 days, 100 seeds per pkg. about. What else would you use it for?  Malting barley is obviously better suited to beer brewing than other uses, but it can be eaten cooked like any grain or ground for barley flour and used like wheat.

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