Other grains

Other grains -Price: $3.50 per 20 gm pkg. unless stated.

G11.  Amaranth – 85 days   100 or more seeds. An ancient grain known for it’s enhanced protein, mineral and vitamin content among other things.  Used by the Aztecs.  Very small, lots of mucilagen like flax.  Delicious.

G13. Golden Flax ( Linum usitatissimum) – 100 or more seeds. Good variety to grow on a short season.  These seeds are very high in Omega-3 fatty acids, tastey raw or cooked.  The seeds are not as mucilaginous as brown flax.

G14. Brown Flax (Linum spp.) – 100 or more seeds. Dark brown seeds with a high mucilage component.  Great nutrition as above.  Not quite as high in Omega-3’s as golden flax, but as with all flax, excellent source of fiber.

G15. Purple Amaranth – 100 or more seeds. For eating of the greens, saving seed for eating or as a garden flower, these plants have purple foliage and darker flowers.

G16.  Non-GMO Canola – 100 seeds or more.  Round seeds can be used for oil production or the young plants can be used as a green for eating steamed or raw.  From natural varieties.

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