Durum wheat with a grasshopper

Wheat Varieties(Triticum spp.) – 107 days

Price: $3.50 per 25 gm packet, some larger quantities available, email for information.

G70. Durum – T. durum our first crop of Durum wheat survived the grasshoppers and the drought.  A suitable variety for grinding, sprouting and pasta uses.

G71. Marquis – A robust wheat variety, developed as a cross between Red Fife and Hard Red Calcutta Wheat in 1904 by Charles Saunders in Canada and has always been a good producer on our farm.  Smaller, rounder kernels easier for grinding, but can be used in all ways wheat is used.

G72. Roblin  – This is a flour wheat, a hard winter wheat.  Large, long red kernels, keep well and good taste. No longer available on the market, this is a good variety for the prairies.

G73. Kamut (also called Polish Wheat) T. polonicum Huge kernels, typically twice the size of regular wheats.  29% more protein, and 27% more lipids, higher in vits and minerals.  Beautiful twisting heads. Takes a slightly longer growing season than regular wheats. 120 days

G75. Ethiopian Blue – Lovely kernels of dark blue wheat, hard seeded for flour production or any other use. Makes a fun addition to traditional whole kernel dishes.

G76. Khapli Spelt – Fan shaped large heads, harder to thresh by hand.  Good sized kernels and used largely for pastas where a softer wheat is required.

G77. Ultrecht Blue Wheat – Difficult to thresh by hand, largely used in ornamental flower arrangements, beautiful decorative blue heads. Very limited quantities.  $3.95 per package of 50 seeds.

G78. Dwarf Indian Wheat – T. sphaerococcum – A very short and upright variety that has good production and taste.  Heads are like bottle brushes, stiff and wiry, kernels are plump, almost round.