We will be posting the dates for shows in the spring soon.  As you know the catalogue for 2019 is online here and you can download it or versions are available in hard copy for $5 each.  Printing is very expensive these days!

I will mail it out if you send the $5 to Box 127 Cherhill, Alberta, T0E0J0.  Sorry about that, if you can I recommend you download it.  I have now updated all the pages here also, so that should be what we have.  If you are looking for something specific, as always you can call or email.  WE DO NOT DO BULK QUANTITIES – no we don’t have 5 metric tonnes of seed for anyone, as we would be out of business in a hurry that way!

We are small seed growers, and sell in packets for gardeners and hobbyists alike. 🙂

Also, we support all indigenous efforts for local food sovereignty.  If you are a seed keeper or are starting a community garden for your Indigenous community feel free to contact me about coming to teach, or a donation of the seeds I have that are traditional foods.  I will do this in the hope that you will save your own seeds and have them blessed by the Elders for all.  I understand this is coming full circle and it is heartening to see.


Update for Feb. 2015

Hey! How do you like the new look?  I am still working with it…..

I made a new post about the new offering and am trying to make this site easier to navigate.  Also I am working on a new shopping site which I hope will streamline the process a bit, but it is a huge undertaking and I have not worked out all the bugs.  It will be at abunadhseeds.com

Also our dates for Seedy Saturdays are as follows for 2015:

Stony Plain – March 14th

Calgary –  March 21, same location as last year.  Check their website at CalgarySeedySaturday.com

Edmonton – March 22, Alberta Avenue Hall as always.  Hope to see you all there.

As always you can order ahead for a pickup order that day.  Prepayment makes things go much smoother, so hope everyone will do that as I sell out of many items at these events.  You want to make sure you get first pick.

Check out the New offerings post for all the new varieties and update on potatoes offered.  Thanks.

Update for March 2012

We are gearing up for the Seedy Events coming up, and I wanted to let everyone know our email has changed.  It is not smileyo at netkaster dot ca but has changed to smileyo at xplornet dot ca.  You can still email the old address, but I do not check there as often.

Contact us there for early orders if you want us to package you something for pickup at the Edmonton or Red Deer Events.  Thanks, Denise

Update for 2012 – January

We will be at the Seedy Sunday March 18 in Edmonton and March 25 in Red Deer.  Check there for more seeds.

I have added Cylinder beets, 5 or more varieties of Carrots, onions, peas and others.  I grew an African Squash this year, similar to an 8-ball zucchini, with some seed available this year.  Check into all the pages for new listings.

Thanks for visiting and check back soon.

April 5, 2011

Thanks to all that visited our booth at the Alberta Avenue Seedy Sunday Event.  I heard there were 900 people go through, so that is just wonderful.  I will endeavor to bring more carrot seed and swiss chard next year!!  Sorry if we sold out on you.

Also, I have been updating the OTHERS page today with more varieties of fruit bearing shrubs and tree seeds, so check there as well.  Thanks to all that subscribed lately.  I have been thinking of teaching seed saving online, and possibly having a newsletter as well.  Will you let me know if you are interested at smileyo@netkaster.ca in the next while and we will go from there.  That’s all for now, check back often as I am always adding it seems!!


March 1st, 2011

Just added to the Catalogue are some new Items – Check it out…

8.  Eat and grow storage pack – All the seeds included in #3, along with 5 lbs. each of 3 varieties of cereal grains, wheat, barley, oats, rye or triticale, 2 lbs. each of 3 varieties of eating beans and peas and 1 lb. each of flaxseed.  Shipping will be more for this item.  Cost  $350.00 plus shipping.

9. Number 2 plus – Everything in #2, plus seeds for cucumber, swiss chard, 5 popular culinary herbs, melons, parsnip, and potato tubers, multiplier onion sets, strawberry runners (5 plants), 5 raspberry canes and one rhubarb root.  If you are starting out on your own in an new spot, this is the package to have. $145.00 pickup or shipping or delivery extra.

We have also added a few new items in the tomato section, melons, squashes, and others.  Thanks for staying posted!

New Year 2011 – Hello again!  Welcome to a new year and as I am sure, many of you are perusing the catalogues to find new and wonderful seed varieties  and some new mixes to try this year!

We will be at the Seedy Saturdays around the province, hopefully beginning in February.  We usually go to Red Deer and Edmonton at the Alberta Avenue hall, so keep in touch with them as to the date of the event.  I will post it here as well.

We have a few new varieties this year.  We grew these tomatoes:  Belgian (giant), Prairie Pride (salad variety, dwarf plants good for containers), Oxheart Giant (very large), Fireball (dark orangy red), Carol Chyko’s Big Paste (good for eating and paste, large and late season),Red Velvet Cherry tomatoes,  Sweet 100, and Super Sweet 100.

We added asparagus, a new mesclun mix, and more zucchini!

The basil did very well and we have limited quantities of seed available of each of the following:

Greek, Lettuce leaf, Italian Large leaf, Sweet Ripple, Thai, Cinnamon, Di Genova, Sweet regular, Lime, and Mrs. Burn’s Lemon Basil.

Peppers to try this year:  Gramps’ Siberian, Bulgarian Carrot and a few others, check the peppers page.

Peas:  Golden Sweet Edible Pod, Homesteader, Bolero, Laxton’s Progress

Tomatillos:  Verde and Purple

NEW MIXES for 2011!! (Note:  This is an old post, see individual pages for updated catalogue numbers and prices.)

1.  Beginners seed gift pack – An assortment of easy to grow and popular vegetables and flowers, 10 pkgs. $30.00

2.  Bring on the harvest pack – An assortment of vegetable varieties that produce prolifically during the season, in all climates.  Includes peas (2 types), corn (2 types), carrots, spinach, beets, beans (2 types), onions, peppers (2 types), squash and tomatoes (2 types).  15 packets all together, each individually labeled with instructions, $65.00.  Will suite one family of 4 for one growing season, with instructions on saving seed for further years.

3.  Five year plan – An assortment of the varieties of vegetables in package #2, but with a quantity suitable for a five year growing timeline.  Save by purchasing in bulk – $300.00 with tips for suitable storage of your seeds.

4. Grow your own breads and cereals pack – A popular blend of wheats, barleys, and cereal grains, flax, and other oil grains, with growing, harvesting and storage instructions, along with ideas for use including recipes.  Intended for you self-starters and to provide seed for multiplying on small plots.  12 packets – $40.00

5.  Herb Gardener packs – For those who love their herbs.  This package includes a popular mix of basil, dill, Cilantro, St. John’s Wort and Lavender.  5 packets – $15.00

6. Nothin’ but the flowers – A colorful mix of flower species designed for the avid lover of bloom and fragrance throughout the season.  Starting indoors required, instructions included.  10 packets, $25.00

7.  Fun with house plants – A combination of plants that can be grown inside during the winter months and all year.  Includes one citrus seed for a pot plant, some herbs and suitable vegetables.  Fun for kids to grow and try.  Good lighting is a must.  5 pkg. – 14.00

675.  Salsa mix – 45-70 days.  A mixture of cilantro, parsley, celery, tomato and pepper seeds, each individually labeled with specific instructions, designed to grow the best salsa you ever tasted!!  About 120 seeds, $15.00

388.  Stir Fry Mix – This package contains seeds for onions, sugar snap peas, carrots, broccoli (Chinese), mung beans (for sprouts), and peppers for starters.  Just add whatever else you like.  Instructions included.  Each seed type individually marked and packaged.  About 120 seeds, $12.50

348.  Melon mania mix – A collection of some of the earliest and sweetest varieties of melons that can be grown successfully here.  All require indoor starting at least one month ahead, though, so keep this in mind.  Collection of 5 different kinds at least, 25 seeds in total – $4.00

526.  Maxima mix – 80-100 days.  A blend of the above squashes, designed to provide all types and shapes of squash for your needs.  20 seeds, $3.00

555.  Squash Mix – Edible summer and winter squashes, each individually marked, mixed in one package providing squash in all sizes, shapes, colors and tastes.  Sure to please and especially for seed savers to decide what they like.  All seeds are edible. 10 of each (summer and winter).  $4.00

556.  Jack o’ Lantern medley – 100 days.  Our favorite blend of pumpkins designed to give you an assortment of all sized pumpkins for carving and pie.  Mostly large types.  20 seeds – $3.00

689. Small tomato medley – 50-60 days.  A mixture of all kinds of producing small sized tomatoes, grow all your favorites for years to come.  30 seeds for $4.00. All sizes, shapes, colors and tastes for a sure to please package.

All mixes below are $4.00 for 30 seeds.

669.  Big Red Mix – 70-88 days.  All the largest, choicest tomato varieties in a mix.  All red.

670.  Heritage Mix – 70-88 days.  A mixture of some of the most delicious Heritage varieties – tomatoes that taste like a tomato should.  All shapes, sizes and colors, medium to large varieties.

671. Heirloom big and small – 60-70 days.  A medley of Heirloom varieties, chosen for earliness, hardiness, taste and color mix.  All sizes.

672. Sunshine blend – 60-70 days.  A mixture of our favorite yellow and orange varieties, with some different colored reds mixed in for a sunset windfall of tomatoes all season long.  These are some of the best tasting tomatoes ever.

673.  Saucy Mix – 60-70 days.  A mix of the best tomatoes for pastes and sauces.

674.  New Grower blend – 55-70 days.  If you are new to tomato farming these are the best varieties, the most forgiving of mistakes and high yielders.  All packets come with Sure to Succeed Instructions and suggestions.

As well as a few other varieties in other categories.  Remember to order early as we sell out of some things even before the Seedy events!!  I will update soon!!  Thanks everyone, ttyl


Fall 2010 Update:  Hi everyone – well we had a wonderful year with lots of rain, some hail, a bit of early season frost and some bumper crops.  Some of you were asking about the garlic we have so that page is now updated and I will include some notes on the varieties that did well this year.  You can also check the notes listed for each variety as all did well last year and it was a horrible growing year.

Remember to check our farm site at hillanddalefarm.wordpress.com for updates to the Community Shared Agriculture idea and the Garlic and Harvest Festival Details.

Tomatoes did well this year, very bushy and out of control, many pulling the stakes over with the weight of the produce.  I also grew green tomatillos this year and they were huge!!  I was really pleased with the Weisnight’s Ukrainian if you like a large beefsteak as well as Carol Chyko’s Big Paste, Gardener’s Delight (not a heritage) and also Hybrid Celebrity (also not a heritage variety).  I grew fewer varieties this year to supplement my seed stock.  Paste tomatoes that did well were the Jitomate Bulito and the San Marzano, although this year they were not ripe before the frost came, which matters to some.  I save the big green ones in boxes and they ripen for later use.

I had good success with all the melons under white frost covers this year.  It held the humidity and heat well and we had a watermelon or 3 that were over 3 lbs.!!  Check out the melon listing.

Thanks for all the emails and phone calls, I appreciate your interest and continued support.  Ta for now.

One thought on “Updates

  1. Good Afternoon. I couldn’t find an email address to contact so I thought a comment would work the same! The Raymond ag Society is hosting a homesteading learning weekend for the small shareholder looking to start or improve their livestock for self sufficiency. We are also looking for presenters on heirloom seeds and their use for the small farmer, how they fit, how they can be used to produce food for the family and livestock. I came upon your Alberta seed company after some searching online. Would you be interested in presenting on Saturday, March 29 ? It will be a small group between 50-100 people over the day might attend. This won’t be a forum for gmo versus non gmo – it is a positive time to encourage people to grow, healthy land, healthy feed/food and healthy animals/people! Please let me know if you have any questions.Check out our Facebook page Raymond and District Ag Society or contact me for more information. thanks. Tobi Lyons, tobiannelyons@gmail.com

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