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Workshop Event

Hi everyone;

It is that time of year again, and thankfully we do not have 3 feet of snow to hinder our efforts to host a seed saving hands-on workshop on the farm November 11 (after 11) until 4:30 and Saturday November 12 from 12 to 5.  I welcome you to participate as we will learn about seed saving and storage, with real life examples of all the things saved and dried this year and how to harvest them.  This course is part of the Organic Master Gardeners series I teach in Stony Plain every year and worth about $150.  So I am offering it free of charge as you will be helping me with the work and in return gaining valuable knowledge and life skills.  I would suggest you register with me anyway so I know who to expect.

Send an email to Denise – smileyo at xplornet dot ca

Make sure and spell that correctly and put seed workshop in the title.

If you only have part of the day to offer that is fine, I just need to know.  We will meet at the farm and divide into work stations and rotate around so everyone learns about the different aspects of seed harvest, cleaning, storage and so on.

Hope to see you here.  We will potluck a late lunch each day at about 1.  Bring your favorite snacks or whatever.   Thanks everyone!


Still Waiting for Spring

Well, it seems that this might be a wet year, all things considered, and so as some of you are still awaiting Jerusalem Artichoke tubers, I may have to refund some money as they are not happy with the wet ground last fall and the wet spring.  In such conditions disease abounds and I am still reviewing the survival of the existing tubers.  Ideally I would like to wait until the ground completely dries out or at least dries to the point where I can actually step into the patch without losing my rubber boots!  I will check on them and forward as I can, but it might be a case of wait and see.

There is still time to get potatoes to plant, again you will want to delay planting til the ground is a little on the warm side or your seed may rot in the ground.  It is one of those years.  If the ground is too cold, things like potatoes, onions, and even peas will rot instead of sprouting.  That is our issue in Alberta clay, the ground takes a while to warm and in a wet year it is especially difficult.

I have been reading a book called  “the Intelligent Gardener” by Steve Solomon of the Territorial Seed Company.  The book   It talks a lot about the effect of micronutrients on the quality of the soil and goes beyond organic matter and compost.  I highly recommend it for a gardener with any size of plot.  It will explain all the minute details about soil amendments to create nutrient rich foods which are what we want.  Produce can look great but not taste great or plants are prone to disease.  We want to feed our bodies with plants that not only look and taste great, but are able to absorb a host of micronutrients from the soil so that we can heal, and restore our health.  If it is not in the soil, it is not in the plants and it will not be in you.  We are running to more food, searching for the nutrition that is no longer in the food.  Supplements will help, but they are no match for bioavailable nutrition in plant foods.  These nutrients are in a form that is easily digestible and absorbable.  I think that the reason people are overeating is that they are craving these nutrients and looking for it in hollow foods.

Anyway, it is a great read.  Focus on soil testing, and minor amendments, and humus, which is a fibrous leftover from the breakdown of organic material, and is able to grab hold of and store all kinds of valuable nutrients in the soil and make them available for plants.  Modern farming techniques only focus on adding back into the soil nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, but we need more than that, and although NPK fertilizers grow good looking plants, the taste and value are not up to what we need to be healthy.  Amendments in the range of what Solomon outlines are very inexpensive and create dramatic results.

So, now is the time.  All of Solomon’s resources are available as PDF downloads online, as he is about education and not money.  Search here

Steve Solomon’s worksheets

It is in line with what I have been thinking and also mentions that if you have thick clay that sticks to your boots it might be an issue of too little Calcium, which kind of fits with what I have learned through other resources.  Anyway, going to give that a shot. As well as build some great organic mulch beds for trees.  Those are our plans.


We have one or two more seedy events to attend.  We will be at the Edmonton Resiliency Festival this Saturday, Festival Details, and tickets and I will talk about Sourcing Local food and seeds and how to sustain yourself in the face of climate change.  I will be talking about seed coops and food hubs in and around the city. Details as on the website:

Resiliency Through Local Food

Learn about local initiatives and how to participate in local food through sourcing seeds grown locally. This enables greater resilient in the face of changing weather conditions. This workshop will touch on building local food coops, how to contact local growers in your area, and building community through backyard gardens.
Denise O’Reilly, Garden of Eden A’Bunadh Seeds

Pay What You Can ($5.00 Minimum)

Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton – Willow Room

7211 96a Ave NW, Edmonton, AB


We will also be there with our partners in Grown Near Home, the CSA and offering information there or you can come buy your share.  See Home Page


That is Saturday the 22nd.  Earth day!  Yay, just in time.

Then the following weekend, we will be attending the 2nd Annual Seedy Saturday in Lac La Biche Alberta, at the Agrena… hosted by Ty, Janice and Jolene of Sand Springs Ranch.

Sand Springs Ranch @ Lac La Biche Farmers Market

who have been fantastic suppliers of fresh produce in Lac La Biche for years.  They ran a CSA last year and are doing so again.  Come out and see what is happening there.  We will have the seeds and there are many workshops.  And it is just in time for planting in the North.  Hope to see you there.

Thanks everyone!



Time is Now

Just a quick note to anyone who might be interested or know someone who might not be able to grow their own garden but would like access to fresh, farm-direct food this summer, the time is now to reserve a spot in our farm-direct produce CSA.  All the information can be found at grownnearhome.ca.

In order to plan for how many families we will be growing for this summer, we need to hear from you or your interested family and friends soon.  We are hoping to also help some of the less fortunate in your community and you can help by getting people involved.  In exchange for being a community organizer or drop off location we will either reduce the cost of your share (with 8 or more others referred), or donate a share to your community or charity of your choice.  This helps everyone.  We also need to know who is on board to begin organizing local drop off locations for the weekly produce bags.

Imagine, enjoying fresh new potatoes, carrots, peas, and greens among other things, the way nature intended them to taste, and at the same time, build community and support each other.  We hope you find that as exciting as we do.  We are planning now, so let us know your interested by visiting grownnearhome soon.

Seed Sales still happening

Hi Everyone;

Just to let you know we have completed part of our seed sales, but will be going to Red Deer tomorrow for the EcoLiving fair at the Red Deer College.  Then we have a few weekends off for planting seeds and getting bedding plants ready to go for the Community Supported Agriculture or CSA shares (info at grownnearhome.com) and then I will also be speaking and having the seeds at the Edmonton Resiliency Festival on April 22.

Festival Website  https://www.edmontonresiliencefestival.com/

From there we go to Lac La Biche to their Seedy Saturday on April 29.  So if you are in that area, come down and see us there.  Again, if anyone wants potatoes they are still available and better pre-ordered.

We have sold out on some items, so email smileyo at xplornet dot ca or abunadhseeds at gmail dot com for information.

Thanks so much to everyone who ordered seeds and were interested in the seed collection we took over for Mandy from Mandy’s Greenhouse in Manitoba.  Her collection is extensive so if you are interested in our growers cooperative and taking on some of the tomatoes to refresh seeds, contact me.  I need people who will be committed to saving seeds and returning them to me.  Thanks again,


2017-catalogue-new best

Order form


Forming new CSA

Hi everyone;

CSA’s are a form of farming in relationship with people looking for fresh local food, who can partake in a share of the farm and the farmers producing local food.  I am joining 2 other couples in my area to grow fresh produce for interested individuals and families.  CSA means Community Sponsored or Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a wonderful model which allows local farmers to be in a positive cash flow position going into the production season, when typically costs are high, so they can plan effectively to grow all the food for the people participating in the share program.  Without this, farmers cannot plan food production effectively, and in this model it allows us to target our wonderful, fresh goodies to all those that want a closer relationship to their farmer and their food.

What we plan to offer is a full range of seasonal, fresh produce and other things, familiar and sometimes unfamiliar as well as exciting, tasty ways to prepare them at home in a jiffy.  Full shares will feed 2-4 people per week and half shares are for 2 people.  We will also offer other produce such as pickling cukes or other things for those that want to do their own home preserving.

If any of you are interested, we are going in on a plan to grow fresh veggies and produce for people in the West end of Edmonton or bedroom communities extending West of the city out to about Onoway, or Alberta Beach.  We are hoping to have one community drop off per area so are encouraging neighbors to come together to have shares dropped off either at their homes or at their workplace to help us spend less time on the road and more time growing fresh, local goodness for your share bags every week.  We encourage you and 8 or so of your friends to get together and purchase a share in our CSA for the upcoming 2017 season. In exchange for operating as coordinator you will receive a discount on your share.  We also encourage each community to sponsor a gift share if they are interested which we will donate to a local seniors facility or food bank to share the good food in a more community inspired way.

We are taking early bookings up until April 15.  Shares are offered in full and half share prices.  CSA bags will consist of 8-10 items in half shares, and 12 to 15 in full share bags.  Half shares are $27 per week, and full shares are $45 for a 12 week season from June 29 to September 29, or about 12 weeks.  Half the cost of the shares are due up front to secure your spot for the growing season by April 15 (total $324 – so 1/2 is $162 for the half share, and total for a full share is $540, with half due of $ 270 by April 15).   The balance of the share is due upon the first delivery or by June 28.  We will pick produce on Wed. and Thursday mornings weekly and will deliver on Thursday each week.  Shareholders can expect to keep in touch with us via a weekly e-newsletter that will outline the produce expected in the share and recipes and ideas for the use of the veggies also.

Space is limited, so if you are interested, please contact Lana at 780-953-9725 soon.  Thanks everyone.

Our goal in this endeavor is to start a local food hub which will expand and grow to help consumers get more involved in local food and eating healthy, enabling people to take control of their health and well being and promote local food and reduce the carbon foot print of food.  We are also passionate about getting more people involved in changing the way we think about food, explore the local environment around them in relation to food and health and the environment.  Hope you will explore food with us and continue to find the joys of life through fresh, nutritious food grown by people who love what they do.

Thanks everyone !!  I am so excited!! 🙂



2017 Catalogue Download



Here is the new catalogue for download.  Hopefully it goes alright.  I will also convert to PDF and post soon.  Thanks for your support and we are always available at abunadhseeds at gmail dot com


Seedy Events coming up!!

Hi everyone:

We are once again going to be at the Seedy Saturday and Sunday events in Alberta!!

Anyone wishing potatoes can preorder from me at either smileyo at xplornet dot ca or abunadhseeds at gmail dot com

We will do our best to bring garlic as well but it was a wet fall and none got planted out in the garden, so we have limited volume that has to go back in by April 1st and none of the beds are prepared! Yikes!  So we will have to be conservative on sales so we have some to plant here.

Schedule of events:

Mar 1-3 – Olds – we will have our seeds at the Pomeroy Inn and Suites event for the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Assoc. conference and trade show

Mar 11 – Stony Plain Alberta at the PERC Building, Multicultural Center 5413 – 51 st. from 10-3 PM

Mar 12 – Sherwood Park Seedy Sunday, at Salisbury Greenhouse from 11 to 4 PM

Sherwood Park event page

Mar 18 – Calgary Seedy Saturday – Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Center (on 14 st), 10-3

Calgary Seedy Saturday Facebook Page

Mar 19 – Edmonton Seedy Sunday – Central Seniors Rec. Center, North Entrance, 11113 – 113 St. from 11-4 PM   Seedy Sunday Edmonton

Mar 24 – Red Deer in Association with their Eco Living Event at the Red Deer College, Cenovus Learning Common, East Trades Wing, 2nd Floor, 10-6  contact karissa@rethinkreddeer.ca

Should be lots of fun as usual and we look forward to seeing you all there!!


Workshop for you

Hi there;



If any of you are interested in a very affordable food saving workshop check out the one coming up in Sangudo in January.  Poster attached.

Shopify site still in progress

Hi there;

Sorry for the delay in getting the new shopify site up and running.  I am interviewing for a designer/input person to help with the over 1000 varieties of seed,garlic and potatoes I have to input to the site before it is up and running.  I am favoring students and computer undergrads that need a challenge to help me.  If you are interested email me at smileyo at xplornet dot ca and put Denise needs help in the subject line and I will know you are responding to the ad and not just a spammer.  Thanks everyone for your continued patience.

I changed back the settings on this site now, so you should be able to access all you could before.



New website, almost there

Hi Guys, and gals. still working on posting all of the 450 products available, and then some. Please bear with me it is a daunting task. Thanks for your patience, and you can always call or email us at smileyo at xplornet dot ca. thanks again,

New Shopify site

Hi everyone!

We are endeavoring to serve you better with a new, easier to manage Shopify site with online shopping and cart.  It will take me a while to navigate and set up so thanks for your patience.  Also you will be linked to my primary email which this wordpress site will not allow me to change, so if you have sent an email through the contact link and it did not get through, it is because the smileyo@netkaster.ca email has been deleted and we are at smileyo at xplornet dot ca instead.  Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for your endless patience with our current site which is a bit hard to navigate, and my somewhat slow responses during the ever busy seasons.

We are also excited to be moving into integrating and purchasing all of the many carefully and lovingly saved Heirlooms of Mandy’s Greenhouse in Manitoba as she transitions into retirement.  We are very proud to have been accepted by her as a suitable home for all her loved creations and plant varieties she has been maintaining for 25+ years.  We are honored and humbled to become caretakers of this important legacy and welcome inquiries by dedicated growers who want to help keep these seeds going and lively.  Only serious growers need inquire.  Thanks so much for your interest and understanding of how important this challenge will be in the years to come.