Yummy Melons

photo of melons on white plastic basket
Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

Yum, the taste of summer treats.  All of these varieties I have successfully grown at home.  They prefer a longer, hotter season than we get, but they will grow if started indoors and carefully tended, and grown under a frost cover.  Hand pollinate the earliest female flowers for good fruit set.

Muskmelons & Cantelope (Cucumis melo)  20 seeds per pkg. unless stated – $3.50

M3. Far North – 65 days.  Similar to Early Gold, but smoother skinned.

M9.  Queen Anne’s Pocket Melon – 75 days.  From 1737.  Also called Portugal, King Charles, Dormers, Pomegranite, Dudaim or Plum Grannie.  Grown strictly for its fragrance, it was worn in the pocket of Victorian-age women for its perfuming ability.  Lovely smelling, cute 2” yellow melon with orange stripes.  I love it.


M16.  C52 Casaba – 87 days.  Originally from store seed, I was surprised and delighted when the variety came true and produced fruit.  Flesh is light yellow, rind darker with vertical ridges.  Grew to about 3 lbs. in a very dry year.  Keeper for sure!


M30.  Blacktail Mountain Watermelon – 76 days.  One of the best you can grow on the prairies if you are hoping for watermelon ever.  Crisp and sweet.  Dark green almost black outer skin and red sweet flesh.  Keeps up to 3 months. 10 seeds.

M32. Super sweet cantaloupe – 69 days from Transplant. Early and productive, we are happy to offer this cantaloupe for Alberta Gardens.  Fruits are ready when the stem turns orange at the top of the fruits and begins to separate from the very aromatic and sweet gems.  Deep orange fruity flesh.  A winner. 10-15 seeds.

M33. Korean Sweet Dumpling – 70 days from transplants.  This is a sweet fleshed melon that fits in your palm.  Light orange flesh and rind when ripe. 10 seeds

M42. Orange Glo – Watermelon. 78 days.  Start this one indoors early and provide it lots of heat and water.  Produces orange fleshed sweet tasting watermelons that can grow to 5 lbs.  New this year.

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