Seed Catalogue

2020 Catalogue

available soon

Welcome back seed and garden fans! We are working on updating our new catalogue. Expect it sometime in January of 2020. We will be offering some new additions, but as the year of 2019 floated us on a thick layer of water from the heavens, it was a poor year for seed. Having said that, we will have some new varieties, but also the same tried and true offerings.

upload our catalogue from 2019 and browse for the ones you are looking for in the meantime. All seeds are on sale for $2.50 per packet. However they will sell out fast, so put your order in early. We have also decreased our offering of potatoes (to eat) and will not be offering for 2020 orders due to poor year of production.

Please note: We are sold out of Garlic of all types due to crop failure in 2019.

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