Beans – Fava, Broad and Soy

Beans, Fava – Vicia faba – $3.50 for 10-15 seeds

BF2. Wilkeim type broad beans – nice big broad beans, good producer, large pods, dries well for seed saving.

BF4.  Broad Windsor – 80 days.  Large podded and seeded Broad beans.  Favorite old variety.  Good production for our area.  Prefers hot spot in garden.  Does well with frost. Low quantities.

BF10.  Black Fava – 70 days.  A smaller fava bean with black seeds.  Sometimes used as a coffee substitute when roasted.

BF15. Coffee Bean – 70 days.  Similar to Black fava with a more brown undertone, these beans are small and delicious.  They make interesting conversational pieces as well.  Limited offering.


BF 23. Spring Fava Mix – 70 days.  A mixture of many different kind of fava beans of all color shades, meant for sowing in the spring for fall harvest.  Smaller seed for use fresh or in soup mixes.

BF24.  Winter Fava Mix – 75 days.  Larger types of fava beans, used as green manures, or for sowing in the gardens of areas where favas can overwinter.  Certainly not here in Alberta.  Sow in spring for a great mix of different sizes and colors of fava beans for fresh use or in stews.

Soybeans – Back in stock!  $3.50 per packet, 75-85 days for dry beans, 67 for Edamame beans or fresh shelled use.

So everyone gets some, we are offering packets of 40 seeds for $3.50 unless stated.

SOY1.  Green Envy – 75 days. A good producer of beans for any use.  Seeds are vibrant green, round and tasty.

SOY2.  Grand Forks – 82 days here. From growers in the Southern BC, these beans are good producers of slightly larger pods, when dry the seeds are two-tone brown.

SOY3.  Sayamusume – 85 days.  The largest of the soybeans, these are light beige and round like ordinary soybeans.  They take longer to produce, but are about as abundant as the others offering larger pods and seeds.

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