Beans- green, wax, pole and dry

Beans – Pole (Phaseolus coccineus) – Prices are $3.50 per pkg. of about 20 seeds, unless low quantities

BP1. Blue Lake – 60 days.  White seeded beans, a great choice for northern gardeners, producing lots of beans.  Traditionally producing pods days earlier than other varieties.  Beans are 6-7”, stringless and slow to become coarse.

BP3. Steeve’s Caseknife Bean – 65-70 – days (from Heritage Harvest Seeds).  We are pleased to offer this heritage variety of the Steeve’s family originally kept in the New Brunswick area.  Limited quantities, long beans, dries well.  Climbs to 8 feet.

BP9.  Tung’s Pole beans – 60 days to snaps.  These robust climbers were loaded with large flat pods even though planted into the ground from seed this year.

BP20.  O’Driscoll’s Pole –  70 days to snaps. Early enough for our Alberta Climate, to produce an abundance of shorter green flat, pole beans, good flavor and stringless in the early stage.  Beans are as all beans, can be used for soups and stews if kept to dry stage.

Beans – bush (P. vulgaris), av. 102 days to dried beans, 50-65 for green beans, prices $3.50 for 30-40 seeds unless otherwise stated.

B0.  Annie Jackson –  60 days to snaps, 95 dry.  Similar to Mohave beans in coloring when dry, these round beans are half white and half burgundy.  Fun to grow, prolific producer of flat, green beans.  Can also be used in baking when dry. 25 seeds.

B1. Black Turtle – 90-100 Days for dry beans.  Productive small black beans on bushes, Start indoors for earlier start.  Full, rich flavor, great for soups and stews.

B2. Red Kidney – 100 days to dry beans.  Medium sized kidney beans, full red color, earlier maturing for northern climates than regular larger kidney beans.  Can also be eaten as bush bean, but save some seed for next year.

B5.  Black Valentine – 110 days to dried beans.  Now making a huge comeback as a popular green bean, this little black bean is similar to black turtle only large and kidney shaped.  Good producer.  Make sure to save some seed!  Limited quantities.

B11.   Montezuma Red – 67 days (snaps or longer for dry – about 20+ more). A wonderful red smaller version of the kidney bean, more suitable to shorter climates.  Profusion of pods, and if left kidney beans used in soups, stews and chili. Limited quantities.

B15.  Pepa de Zepallo – (Aka – Tiger Eye)  85 days to dry beans. This is a great bush bean, originally from Chile and used as a dry bean like Kidneys.  Easy to grow here and prolific.  It has a good creamy texture for refried beans.  Early and disease resistant.

B16.  Pinks – limited availability (25 seeds) – 100 days to dry beans.  Drought tolerant fun, small kidneys.  Bright pink coloring on beans.  Hard to miss in the garden.

B17. Pisarecka Zlutoluske – 50 days for snaps.  One of the most productive yellow wax beans for short season areas.  Hugely productive and tender, with long 6” or more pods.  Highly recommended if you like yellow beans. Limited quantities.

B20.  Red Valentine – 100 days (low avail. 20 seeds).  Originally from the Missouri River Indians, this bean is used young as a green bean or later saved for dried seed.  Grows smaller than kidney beans here in the short season.   Limited quantities.

B24. Golden Wax –  55 days to snaps.  Seed is white with brown helium and spots.  Good multipurpose bean, light golden yellow and round shape.

B25.  Green Orient – 60 days.  From open-pollinated seed.  Nice round shape, productive plants, green snap beans.  5-7’ long on compact 12” vines.  Good show bean! Limited availability – 20 seeds.

B31.  Blue Lake Bush – 58 days to snaps.  A great green bean, that has been around for a while. Known for keeping its tender texture on the vine.  Well known prairie variety.

B36. Heritage Mix – 50-60 days.  A great mix of 4 or 5 different beans of all shapes, sizes and colors from known Heirlooms.  This will keep you in beans all summer long!  Grow out and keep the ones you like the best.  Range from pencil pod greens to fat types and yellow ones.  Awesome fun.  45-50 seeds each package.

B37. Red Swan – 55 days.  Reoffered.  This stunning red bean is productive and tasty and creates quite a show in the garden.  Beans have same great flavor as other traditional green types.  Grow and share, 30-35 seeds per package.

B43. Coco Rubico – 72 days. Fun striped red and white tender beans for fresh eating, or leave until fall for brown and darker striped mottled fruits with the occasional purple bean thrown in.  Good multipurpose bean.

B44. Agassiz Pinto –  80 days to dry beans. Grow your own pintos or you can use the fresh pods for green beans.  Flat sorter pods 4” make good eating.

B54. Royal Burgundy – 68 days.  Long purple beans, that cook to bright green, round, beans.  Plants are 20” tall.

blue lake pole

B53.  Tendergreen – 67 days.  Large round green beans on good sized plants.  Great bean, limited amount of seed. Looks similar to seed from Triompe de Farcy beans.

B73. Pencil Pod Black Wax – 60 days.  Yellow round beans, 6-7” long.  Nice variety.


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