Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) 20-25 seeds per pkg. – $3.50

CU2.  Poinsette  – 65 days.  An heirloom slicer, 7-9 inches long, with a good flavor.

CU3.  Early Green Cluster pickling – 63 days.  From the 1700’s, this variety is very drought tolerant and disease resistant.  Good for pickling, forming all the fruits at the ends of the branches.  Very rare.  Not available.

CU7.  Parisian Pickling – 60 days.  We used for gherkins or cornichons when very small, and grows larger but with a strange shape.  Rare variety.  Limited offering.

CU11.  Straight 8 – 65 days.  The well-known standby of many prairie gardens, producing straight thick slicing cukes that can also be used in pickles.

CU14.  Jaune Dickfleischige – 65 days. An heirloom from Germany, this slicing cucumber is very ancient and excellent.  The skin is yellowish but does not detract from the juicy sweet crisp flesh.  Good producer on medium length vines.  Rare.


CU15.  Leanne’s Pioneer Pickling – 60 -65 days.  Excellent pickling cucumber, producing many cukes on the vines.  Good variety, med. spreading, light green pickling cucumbers.  20 seeds per packet.

CU16. Kaiser Alexander – 55 days.  A variety from Russia, or the eastern block countries.  Did well in 2015, but we have a limited number of seed available.  15 seeds per packet.  Call or email ahead.

CU17. Bedfordshire slicing – a long green type with excellent smooth dark green skin.  Not bitter at all, good for pickling or slicing, fresh eating.  A keeper.

CU18. Ace Pickling – an all time heirloom winner.  Excellent fruits, great producer.  Let it run amok and reap the benefits.  Good pickling form and taste.

CU19. Russian Pickling – great producer of smaller pickling cucumbers (2-4” best). Put in a spot where moisture is constant or dependable and mulch well and it will go crazy and yield many fruits for use.

CU23.  Marketmore – 63 days.  An heirloom smaller slicer, for use in the fresh market.  Slight ribbing.  Good flavor.

CU33.  Early Mincu – 60 days.  An early smooth skinned, cucumber that can be used for pickling or slicing.

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