Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) 20-25 seeds per pkg. – $3.50

CU10.  Long Green – 65 days. Great heritage variety that produces long straight slicers.  Can be grown in a greenhouse for extended harvest.

CU11.  Straight 8 – 65 days.  The well-known standby of many prairie gardens, producing straight thick slicing cukes that can also be used in pickles.

 CU15.  Leanne’s Pioneer Pickling – 60 -65 days.  Excellent pickling cucumber, producing many cukes on the vines.  Good variety, med. spreading, light green pickling cucumbers.  20 seeds per packet.

CU18. Ace Pickling – 68 Days.  An all time heirloom winner.  Excellent fruits, great producer.  Let it run amok and reap the benefits.  Good pickling form and taste.

CU19. Russian Pickling – 65 Days.  A great producer of smaller pickling cucumbers (2-4” best). Put in a spot where moisture is constant or dependable and mulch well and it will go crazy and yield many fruits for use.

CU23.  Marketmore – 63 days.  An heirloom smaller slicer, for use in the fresh market.  Slight ribbing.  Good flavor.

CU33.  Early Mincu – 60 days.  An early smooth skinned, cucumber that can be used for pickling or slicing.

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