bowl of snap peas
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Pea (Pisum sativum var. sativum)  40-50 seeds per pkg. – $3.50

PE1. Bill Jump – 80 days to dry peas.  The pods are small but peas are good eaten fresh or for dry shelling and soup use in the fall.  Peas are small and round with good flavor.  Allow for trellising to keep off the ground and harvest dry peas by laying on a tarp in the fall and stomping to release the peas.

PE3.  Mrs. Vans – 70 days.  Taller plants needing trellises for support.  Productive and tasty.

PE7.  Green Arrow type – 75 days.  Good producer of long podded, sweet peas.  Good sugar holding capability.  Enjoy fresh or blanched for the winter.  Shelling type.

PE16.  Olympia – 68 days.  Early producer, medium tall, long pods with lots of peas.  Sweet flavor and good for markets or freezing, or just eating fresh.

PE17.  Mammoth Melting Pod – 70 days. Large vines produce huge pods used as a stir-fry pea.  Great flavor and sugar holding abilities.  Open-pollinated variety. 20-25 seeds per pkg.

PE18.  Hungarian Shelling Pea – 65 days. 3-4” pods holding 6-7 peas of exceptional flavor and holding ability.  Great pea for Alberta.  I like this variety a lot.

PE20.  Bolero – 65 days. A variety grown for it’s long pods filled with sweet peas.  A medium sized climber, and prolific.

PE22. Mr. Big – 60 days.  Very large fat pods with big sweet tasting seeds.  6-7 peas per pod.  Trellises up about 4-5’.  Good variety producing all season.  Limited seed. 20 seeds.

PE24. Desiree – 64 days. A snow pea variety with stunning dark purple flowers and pods, used for soups and stews.  Not good to eat fresh, but add great flavor to dishes. Delightfully colorful on short dwarf vines (2-3’ tall). Limited – 20 seeds per pkg.

PE25.  Triple Treat – 60 days.  A beautiful variety of double- and sometimes triple-podded variety of shelling pea with superior flavor.  Limited offering, 20 seeds.

PE 26. Sutton’s Harbinger – 60 days.  From 1901 and earlier in England.  This exceptional eating fresh pea is loaded with pods on 4-5’ vines.  Vigorous and productive.  Good flavor and holding capacity.

PE 27. Top Pod – 65 days.  Known for its disease resistance and productivity throughout the heat of the summer, pods often hold 9 sweet peas.  Good climbers for tall trellises.  Good pick for short season gardens.

PE 28. Dry Green Round Pea – 78 days to dry peas.  Great soup pea producing lots of pods with many dried round green peas in each, hence the name.  Just a few plants produces many peas for your winter soups.  Great flavor.  Not for fresh eating. 

PE 30.  King Tut – 78 days for dry peas.  Supposedly from the tomb of King Tut, but also known to exist as a staple in Equador and surrounding regions, this variety of dry pea is used for soups and stews.  The plant produces beautiful purple flowers and pods, which darken to brown, holding up to 6 dry flat, squarish peas inside of light tan/green.  Exciting novelty to try. 25 seeds.

PE31. Russian Sugar – 69 days for fresh peas.  I began to wonder if this pea was the same as Golden Sweet Edible Pod, as the seeds are almost identical.  But indeed it is a different plant, producing copious amounts of green sugar snap peas from double purple colored flowers.  Very sweet in all stages, it can be shelled or eaten whole.  Left to seed it produces round grey seeds with black flecks.  IT is just so colorful at all phases and tasty too.

PE 35. Mom’s – 60 days.  Good early variety from Mom’s garden.  Crosses that produce good sweet shelling peas, average of  6 peas per pod.  Excellent flavor.

PE40.  Lancaster Lad –  67 days.  A purple podded abundant producer of soup peas of a similar shape to King Tut, but much earlier to dry pods.  Used for porridges and soups.

PE45. Knight –  60 days. This is an excellent shelling pea, producing many pods with 6 peas each.  Great productive variety, sweet taste.

PE46. Corne de Belier – 67 days. This is an edible podded sugar pea.  Like sugar snap, fat sweet pods. An early Canadian Heirloom.

PE47. Lamborn –  67 Days. I finally found a name for what I called Kids Krazy peas.  This variety is an heirloom grown for the tendrils that are eaten in stirfries and other Asian dishes. 20 seeds per packet.  Give them a try.  Interesting garden conversation piece.

PE 48. Mega – 68 days.  This is a super productive shelling or edible pod variety producing curved pods of very sweet taste.  A winner for sure.

PE53. Dwarf Grey Sugar – 67 days.  Grown for pea sprouts in trays in many microgreen operations, this pea makes sweet shoots, grows to produce 4′ plants with sweet pods and purple flowers, also the peas dry to be grey with purple speckles and can be used in soups and stews.  Wonderful variety.


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