Peppers – all types

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Peppers (Capsicum annum) – Sweet types 20 seeds per pkg. – $2.50

PP1.  Redstart type – 65-75 days.  Producer of red bell peppers, good size and color.  For fresh eating.  Sweet. Mild.

PP19.  Mixed Sweet peppers – A mixture of sizes, colors and tastes.  Quite a variety.

PP11.  Yellow bell – 70 days. Large bell-shaped yellow fruits that are juicy and sweet.

PP12.  Red bell – 70 days. Produces an abundance of large red bell peppers that start out green.  Good flavor.

PP13.  Big bell mix – 70 days. A mixture of all colors of the bell peppers that can be grown in Alberta.  Start indoors in March for best results.

PP17.  Cutie bell mix – 70 days. A mixture of the above, red, orange and yellow mini bell peppers.

Peppers – Pimento and Paprika types 15 seeds per pkg. – $3.05

Pim0.  Apple Sweet Pimento – 90 days.  Very nice looking heart shaped pimentos of good size, thick skin and rib, excellent sweet taste.  Good for drying and keeps deep red color.

Pim2.  Tangerine Pimento – 69 days.  Thick and crunchy flesh, deep orange when ripe on rounder, squat fruit.  Very sweet and tasty, compact plants.  Excellent.

Pim3.  Hungarian Paprika – 50-60 days.  The red fruits are 6-7” long, fleshy and sweet that dry easily for fresh paprika you make yourself.  Wonderful flavor.

Pim4. Boldog Paprika – Limited availability of these sweet, thin walled Long red paprika peppers.  Slightly larger than Hungarian, rich full flavor when dried or used fresh.

Peppers – Hot and Spicy types  15-20 seeds per pkg. –  HANDLE SEEDS WITH CARE!!

PH0.  Bulgarian Carrot – 91 days.  This is an incredibly hot pepper, but enjoyable.  It is prolific, for longer growing areas.  Fruits are green, carrot shaped, ripening to orange when ready.  Can be used green and still be hot.  Seeds are dangerous!

PH1.  Hot Portugal – 65 days.  A long, slim shaped pepper, longer and bigger than Cayenne.  Fiery hot.

PH2.  Hungarian Hot Wax – 65 days.  This pepper ripens to red if left long enough.  We use it at the green stage as well.  Larger around and fleshier than Hot Portugal, but not as lengthy.  Medium hot flavor.

PH3.  Early Jalapeño type – 82 days.  Almost needs no introduction.  Jalapeños are famous for their fine medium hot taste.  This is an early type.

PH4.  Long Slim Cayenne – 83 days.  Try these wonderful peppers.  They are hot and spicy and of course can be ground very carefully when dry for your own cayenne seasoning or eaten fresh in stir fries.

PH11.  Black Hungarian – 87 days.  A black jalapeno type pepper with very hot taste.  Late season variety, start indoors in Feb/March.

PH12.  Cherry bomb – 80 days. Similar in shape to the Topepo Rosso but very hot flavor.  Great for salsa or hot pickling.

MP2.  Mixed hot – 70 days average.  A mixture of favorite hot varieties, enough of each to try and enjoy.

MP3.  Mixed hot and sweet – 70 days average.  Mixture of favorite hot plus sweet varieties for all around uses, cooking, salsa, etc..

See also salsa and stir fry mixes.

 PH.15  Golden Cayenne – 80 days.  A golden version of the red favorite.  Makes a beautiful plant in the fall with all the golden peppers on the plant.  Heat similar to a red cayenne.

PH23. Ampus Polish Pepper – A productive, good sized red lobed pepper with slight heat, but they get hotter with age.  Keep them in storage in the fridge for a short time or on the counter top and feel the heat increase daily.  Nice flavor, good yields.


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