Salad and Leafy Greens

See also Brassicas and Greens

Salad Greens – 50 or more seeds per pkg. – $2.50 unless stated differently

SL0. Tatsoi – 50 days.  A Chinese green used fresh in salads, for stir fries or steaming like spinach.  The leaves grow out from the base like bok choi, only low to the ground and all green.  Tasty with a bit of spice.

SL1. Salad mix – 50-70 days.  Arugula, Tatsoi and Kale – a mix of all three for use in full summer, early, mid and late.  Arugula is a spicy salad green, a favorite addition in springtime.  Enjoy all three.

SL2.  Mitsuba – 45 days.  A slightly spicy green, popular in mesclun mixes, small foliage and more refined lobes than Arugula.

SL3.  Mesclun mix – 45-70 days. $4.00  Mixture of popular lettuces and other salad greens to provide for baby salad in summer time.

SL4.  Mesclun plus mix – 45-70 days. $4.50 Mesclun mix plus spinach.

SL5.  Super Salad – 45-70 days.  $4.50.  A super mix of everything in the salad bowl, brassica greens, beet leaf, onions, radish, lettuce and more!  A surprise in your bowl.

SL6.  Mesclun Master Mix – 45 -60 days. $4.50  A well rounded mix of leafy greens and other favorites.

SL8.  Ho Mi Z Mustard – 45 days.  A mustard with a sharp taste for those that like this green.  Limited quantities.

SL9.  Arugula – 40 days.  As requested I am now offering this tasty green by itself.

BC1. Gai Lohn – 65 days. This is a common Chinese collard green found in supermarkets.  Like Rapini broccoli also called green sprouting, the entire top of the stock is used like mustard greens.  Taste like broccoli only stronger, and great in stir fries.

KA1.  Nero di Toscana (aka Dinosaur, Lacinato) – 60 days for baby kale.  Great for kale chips and wraps, these plants produce long, dark green leaves with few lobes, long and slenderish compared to regular frilly leaved kale types.

KA2.  Red Russian – 65 days.  Large deep blue multilobed leaves with dark purple or red stems, this kale is a site in the garden.  One plant produces many lbs of leaves in a season.

KA8.  Westlandse – 68 days.  A dwarf kale, coming from Holland.  An older style kale with lighter green curly leaves and white stem coloring.  Mild and delicious.

SL18.  Spice of Life Mix – This is a mixture of lettuce, salad greens, asian vegetables and kales.  Sure to please, and slightly spicy.  $4.50 each.

BC14.  Collard greens – Champion.  60 days.  New greens in the brassica family, gaining popularity over kale.  Use similarly.

SL 20.  Italian Spring Salad Mix – 45 days.  The Italians like it hot and spicy.  This blend of spicy and sometimes bitter greens, lettuces, collards, herbs and other things make it an interesting addition to the plate.  Never boring.  $4.50 each.

lettuce green mix Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)  50 seeds per pkg. – $2.50

L1. Ruby Red – 45-50 days.  This variety is slow to bolt, tasty and productive with a slight red tinge.  Nice addition to fresh spring salads with horseradish greens, arugula and early onions.

L3.  Paris Cos – 45 days.  Romaine type, good flavor, shape and crispness.  Early enough to enjoy in the summer garden.

L4.  Green Leaf – 40 days.  Green leafy salad type.  For mixed greens.

L5.  Grande Rapids – 50 days.  (1898) A very wavy leafed loosehead type, can be very large plants, good for cold frames for early lettuce or growing indoors for year-round greens, if you have the space.  Grow similar to other lettuces.  Protect from heat or it will bolt and be bitter.

L7.  Great Lakes – 75 days.  Head lettuce bred for Canadian Growing conditions. Good variety for Alberta also.

L9.  Lollo Rossa – 60 days.  A leaf type lettuce, green with an abundance of red on the margins of these curly and frilled leaves.

L10. Oakleaf – 60 days.  A deep lobed green leaf lettuce to add texture and flavor to your salads. Introduced in 1771 by the French company Vilmorin.

L11. Red Deer Tongue – 57 days, This is a long leaf type, deep red with a good flavor.

See Salad Mixes for various other selections.

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea)  50 seeds per pkg. – $2.50

Sp2. Amsterdam Prickly seeded – 45-50 days.  This is an interesting spinach variety that produces an abundance of seed which have a decided sharp end.  Thresh with gloves to ensure your hide remains intact.  The plants have huge green succulent leaves with traditional rich spinach flavor.  50 seeds.

Sp4. Giant Winter – 50 days.  An Italian Heirloom grown for leaves throughout the winter months where climates will support this.  If you have a greenhouse this might work, otherwise sow in late fall when the snow about to fall and you will enjoy early spring spinach leaves the size of your hand.  Well worth the effort. It can be grown throughout the summer as well like any other spinach.  50 seeds.

Sp5. King of Denmark – 50 days.a huge leaved plant, with an abundant supply of tender leaves all spring.  Produced well in the drought of 2015.

Sp6.  Monstreaux de Viroflay – 45 days. Huge, huge, and big leaves.  Holds well in the heat, and a good producer.

Swiss Chard (Beta vulgaris – Cicla Group)  50 seeds per pkg. – $3.50

CH2. Fordhook Giant – 70 days.   They produce large leaves with lighter ribs, good quality and tenderness.  Flavor is best after a frost, if you can keep the deer away but also good when very young.

CH3.  Rainbow Chard –  68 days.  Good mix of multicolored red, yellow, orange, pink and green chard.  Limited quantities.

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